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Starting this week, our lead furntiure designer will begin posting weekly “behind the scenes” blogs regarding our development process. It will be an interesting window into our ideas, thought processes and “eureka!” moments. It will also serve as a great sounding board for all of you who follow the blog. It should be a lot of fun!!!


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We have just gone live with the new Chair and Barstool gallery additon to the Lyndon web site. The gallery contains all new photography for each Lyndon chair type along with downloadable PDF’s for ease of printing/sharing. Please stop by and let us know what you think!


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We apologize but there was some confusion regarding the Essex beds and the information put on this site earlier and sent in a broadcast  fax was incorrect. The Essex measurements for the Flat and Raised Panel Beds should be as follows:

Mattress /Box-spring style- To top of the headboard should be 50-3/4″

Platform Style – to top of headboard should be 42-3/4″

We apologize for the confusion!

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