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Designer’s Corner

Hello All…

The Lyndon Blog will now be hosted at the following address:



We hope to see you there for this weeks installment.

Thank you


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Designer’s Corner

All Things Reconsidered…

There are times in life and business when things are best altered for ‘simplicity sake’.  This was one of those times.

In earlier posts you may have read bits on the development of the ‘Caspian Table’. This table was to be the platform on which we introduced our ‘Velour’ glass Table top options. Opinions varied, but throughout the prototype process it was discussed that the original leg of the Caspian table, being “L” shaped and 4” wide may be a little on the heavy side. In an effort to achieve more universal appeal we refined the leg a few times until finally it came into a similar proportion as our already established ‘Stowe’ Mission leg. It was so similar we asked ourselves, “Why Complicate Things?” and decided to add Velour glass to the Stowe Mission leg instead.  This also brought forth another idea…” Why not offer ‘Velour’ glass on all of our four leg tables including occasionals?” 

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