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Designers Corner

Credit, where credit is Due

Once in a while I think it’s good to reflect on the real stars of this show.  The ones who selflessly give to all of the creations we have come to call our own. The ones who should finally receive top billing and be realized as the backbone and driving force of our company, and they are…

Our sustainable Hardwoods… (What did you think I was going to say?) I would like to address the species one at a time, but in this segment I would like to talk a little about Sustainability.


The Federal Government’s Executive Order 13423 states that “sustainable means to create and maintain conditions, under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans.”

In 2008, the US Forest Service reported that the volume of American hardwoods is 90 percent larger than it was just 50 years ago and nearly twice as much hardwood grows as is harvested every year. When managed responsibly hardwood forests are at the least carbon neutral.

American hardwoods are abundant and self-regenerating. For centuries they have been providing beauty, warmth and functional value for floors, furniture, moldings, millwork and cabinetry. The very definition of sustainability!

Conservation weighs heavily on our minds here at Lyndon Furniture, we have always purchased the finest hardwoods from local, and reputable sustainable resources. This allows us to virtually hand pick our lumber, save on the use of large trucks that emit pollutants, thus limiting our carbon footprint and waste factor overall. We were ‘Green’ before it was cool.


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Designers Corner

Savory… With a little bit of sweet….

Isn’t contrast wonderful? Like when two separate flavors come together to make one new and enjoyable experience. The balance of “not too much of one,” and “just enough of the other,” is what it takes to successfully combine two contrasting elements. This was the process when we developed our Richmond ‘Heritage’ Entertainment Center. As soon as we received our first shipment of Reclaimed wood, I immediately wanted to throw it in a mixing bowl with modern construction and contemporary flavor and stir vigorously. What arose from the pan was something that covers a broad spectrum of tastes. The modern look of the unit is contrasted by its construction in the use of historical reclaimed materials; Covering the past and future in one smooth transition.

The storage inside the unit is deep enough to accommodate many of the latest gaming accessories, and can be customized to suit for an array of today’s media requirements.

“It’s interesting to see this colonial lumber now riding on the edge of technology today.”

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Designers Corner

All good things in all good time.

The Newbury bedroom casegoods are one of our more popular offerings. In earlier posts you may have read about the challenges we faced while trying to bring this collection together by the addition of our Newbury bed. It is possible that if these challenges had not been so daunting, the outcome would not have been as satisfying. Having the curved details of this bed be prominent, but not exaggerated, was of major importance to us. We finally decided that contrast was the best way to accomplish this. Adding a thin strip of Walnut along the curve in the upper recessed portion of the headboard and footboard was all it needed. “So simple.”

The finalizing of a project is always a momentous occasion and we are pleased to  finally “Put this project to bed”

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Designers Corner

Mother Nature is still my favorite Designer.

Balancing low profile construction and a sustainable, natural, unprocessed ‘heart’ of a tree gave inspiration to our Sherwood bed. (Rest of the line soon to come). The intricacies and design elements of this ‘Live edge’ headboard are subject to exist nowhere else but nature. They are created by growth and time -methods impossible to duplicate. Displaying the creativity of Nature is making this collection a very enjoyable project. Each piece is unique because no tree grows the same, so every cut seems to have a sort of personality. This in itself inspires to produce more pieces using natural, unprocessed ‘live edge’ wood.

At Lyndon we consider our Furniture to be of ‘Transitional’ style. Meaning not totally Rustic, Cottage, Contemporary, Shaker or other styles, but an eclectic mix of all, that will make the ‘Transition’ to oncoming generations. Its notions like this, that lead us to utilize the undisputed beauty of natural ‘live edge’ wood, supported by a clean and simple frame. This is us tipping our hats to one of our favorite Designers.

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