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The Newbury Bed has been a challenging design from the very beginning. How does one translate the subtle look and feel of the Newbury case piece into a bed design? The first attempt was crushed by technical difficulties, such as pliable wood thickness and tooling constraints. It was our first idea to have a panel in the Headboard and Footboard that curved out ward, away from the bed to try to pick up on the convex drawer fronts. After a few attempts at this the consensus was that given the hurdles we were facing construction wise, it was not worth the final outcome where the prominence of the outward curve was still in question.“Back to the Drawing Board”… 

After long last the Headboard and Footboard ended with a simple yet defined curved feature that does, “Quite Nicely” allow it to be tied in with the rest of the existing Newbury line. The solid and flat wooden panel has an arched line that is similar to the drawer fronts on the Newbury case goods. Different wood inlays will be used to bring out the accent of the illusive curve.


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Starting this week, our lead furntiure designer will begin posting weekly “behind the scenes” blogs regarding our development process. It will be an interesting window into our ideas, thought processes and “eureka!” moments. It will also serve as a great sounding board for all of you who follow the blog. It should be a lot of fun!!!

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Here is a glimpse of our new Caspian line of dining room furniture currently in development. The etched glass and natural wood combine for a beautiful look that will work well in any contemporary setting. A buffet and hutch option of the Caspian are also in process, and we will post photos as soon as possible. As always, any feed back is appreciated!!

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